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Are you looking to start your calling card business ? Do you want to be a VOIP provider ? You have just landed to the right place. Some of our benefits include:
  • Very low cost to start up !!
  • Complete training on phone !!
  • 24/7 support until you are ready on your own !!

Just send us an email and we will be happy to help you.

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  • Carrier services:

     We provide premium wholesale VOIP termination services. A-Z destinations worldwide with high voice quality and competitive rates. Having been directly interconnected with the major and reputed companies, we are able to offer a wide-array of revenue opportunities for carriers and retailers worldwide. Our company has its own and partner switches in Western Europe, South Asia and USA. Taking advantage of different Time Zones, networks are operated and supported round the clock by a host of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

  • calling card services:

     Do you want to be a calling card operator ? Would you like to start your own calling card business in the online market or in brick and mortar stores ? We can certainly help you with that. We will have a detailed consultation about your goals, and then we will print out your own branded phone cards with your own design. We will provide all the DID (Access) numbers and our powerful interconnected A-Z destinations to go with your phone cards. Your customers will be able to call anywhere in this world wihout you being worried about the quality. Your success will be our success.

  • did services:

     We provide DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers from more than 40 countries. Our DID pricing is one of the lowest in this industry. Pricing can be chosen from either per minute charge or simply no inbound limitation. Every single DID in our inventory comes with 20 channels with unmetered inbound for only $8 a month. We provide DID services to the call center companies, calling card operators, call shop owners, Instant provisioning !! Contact us right away for your DID numbers need. We look forward to help you.