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  • Instant SIGN UP !!!
  • SIP Origination
  • SIP Termination
  • Retail/Wholesale DID numbers
  • World-Wide Coverage with CLI Delivery
  • Premium / Economy Routing
  • Low Termination Rates!!!
  • VOIP Tunnelling
  • Bandwidth Saver Technology
  • Call Center Inbound Origination
  • Call Center Outbound Termination
  • Calling Card Solutions
  • Dedicated Server Solutions
  • Wide Seletions of Quintum VOIP Products
  • Billing Software/Solutions
  • VOIP Switch Setup
  • VOIP Provider Start-Up Training
  • 24/7 Technical Support !!
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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Our Features

Premium Wholesale VOIP A-Z Termination

Over 300 Direct interconnection with fixed and mobile operators. As a result, Call completion rate , Average call duration is much much higher than the industry average.

Why Choose us?

  • Premium Voice Quality
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Minimal deposit to start.
  • Instant Call details
  • Guaranteed CLI delivery
  • Billing Increment 1/1
  • 24/7 Technical Support

What our clients say

Howard, Queens IT Syetems

After interconnecting with your company, we never had to worry about anything else but focus on our core business area. I was very surprised at your quick support call. You guys are doing a great job.

  • Our company

    VoipElectroWorld is one of the world's top rated international voice carrier. We are the trusted partner for so many VOIP carriers, calling card operators, call shop operators and many more.. Our experineced and dedicated team working tirelessly to maintain our network at a service level agreements. Our own gateways are located strategically to reduce the latency from server to server. Our goal is to provide the highest levels of quality and reliability to ensure the clients can stay on top of this competitive VOIP market comfortably.

  • Quality guarantee

    We are so confident about our routing that we are offering 100% money back guarantee in case our clients are not satisfied with the crystal clear call quality. Our average success rate is over 60% which is a staggering number that most of the providers fail to achieve. Thanks to our interconnection directly with the land-line and mobile operators all over the world.

  • our network

    We manage our Network 24/7 to ensure high completion rates. Our whole network is built on using carrier grade equipment, switching and hardware from vendors like Quintum and Cisco. We are hosting from multiple datacenters in case of a failure in hardware. We are operating our business from two locations, and POPs are located one in NewYork, USA and other one in Finland, EUROPE and that gives us the power to support in two time zones.