Questions and answers:

Q.   Do you support SIP and H.323 calls? What codec you support ?

A.   We support both SIP and H.323. We support g723, g729 and g711.

Q.   How do I add more money/credit into my account ?

A.   You can add money in increments of USD 50, 100, 200 or 500 through account recharge.

Q.    How do I cancel my account ?

A.   Send us email with your User ID & Password, we will cancel your account. But you can keep your account with us as long as you want.

Q.    Can I reactivate my account ?

A.   You can create a new account by following the signup process again.

Q.   Are there any cancellation fees ?

A.   There are no cancellation fees.

Q.  What happens if I do not have enough money/credit in my pre-paid account ?

A.   Without enough credit in your account, you will not be able to send any calls. You can top up your account at the Account page.

Q.   Can I test your route ?

A.   You can create live wholesale account instantly and do all the testing of our high class route within minutes. Just follow the instructions in the emails from us after successfully signing up and activation.