Questions and answers:

Q.   How do I set up or open an account ?

A.   To set-up your pre-paid account with us, all you have to do is to click on the INSTANT SIGN UP button from the menu and follow the instructions. Your account will be created instantly.

There will be given rates in your account just for test purposes after your signup. You will get our latest rates in your account, after your first payment.

Q.   What payment methods are available ?

A.   We accept all major Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).     Also we accept debit or credit card through PayPal. Other methods of payment we accept: Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, Account-2-Account Transfer.

Q. How payments are done ?

A. The minimum amount is 50 USD that you can pay to us. Our initial policy is, You have to send payment to our Bank Account to use for your calls.

But if you want to pay by paypal, then you have to send security deposit to our bank account and after that we will open paypal payment interface inside your account.

Example for online payment: you send security deposit of 300 USD to our bank account. and after that You can purchase 50 or 100 or 200 or 300 USD by paypal. Your purchased amount can not exceed your security deposit amount. And you can make next payment by paypal after 6 months from your first payment, and the amount will be same as your first purchased amount.

If you do not want to continue, we can return your security deposit to your bank account at your own expense. Also we can deposit money to your VoIP account, so that you can finish it by your calls.

Online payments (paypal and moneybookers) are limited to USD 1000, the maximum amount that you can make by online payment in a month.

Q.    How do I check my account balance ?

A.   Once you login into your "My Account" portal, click on the "Call Details" button. This will take you to the Account page where you will be able to see your call activities and account balance at the bottom of the page. You can also add credit through your account.

Q.    Is there any special rules for wholesale Accounts and How many simultaneous calls allowed?

A.   There will be minimum balance that you have to have in your account to initiate the calls. And this will vary account to account. The minimum balance to initiate the call is usually worth of $10 dollars. Also in each call attempt we will reserve $5 dollars, and at the end of that call $5 dollar is released back to the account. This system is in place for the security.

You can send at the same time ( Your Balance / $5 dollars reservation per call ) = simultaneous calls.

Q.    Do I need a PIN and a password ?

A.   When you sign up, you will be sent for your account user id and password in email just after you activate the account verification.

Q. What kind of VoIP traffic are allowed ?

A. We allow only conversational traffic and our rates are for just conversational traffic .

You are not allowed to send only CC traffic but You may send 30 % CC traffic and 70% conversational traffic for the same destination. But you have to inform us about it before because CC traffic combined with conversational traffic rates are different, which will be set in your account.

Q. Rates and routes ?

A. We offer three different kind of Rates. Premium / CLI rates (CLI delivered to destinations, if possible ), Economy rates (mixed routes) and Guaranteed CLI rates (Guaranteed CLI delivered, if the destinations allow). They are the latest rates and You can download them anytime.

If you have huge volume of stable traffic for certain destination, you have to run your huge volume of traffic with us at least for six months, so we will know you have stable traffic, then after you can negotiate the rates.