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  • Dates: April 24-26, 2017
  • Location: TBC, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Across the telecom sector Network mgmt, Wireless infrastructure, VoLTE & 4G LTE, Big data, BI, Cloud, Security, Analytics & The customer, Next Generation opportunities VAS, OSS/BSS, TV, IoT & M2M is becoming ever more important. Attending executives will be debating the impact that new technologies and processes are having in this area, and what effect they will have on the future of the African telecom industry.

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A little bit about our Company

We, only 2 person started our mission in 2004 with only 4500 dollars. Right now our company generates more than 14 millions in revenue per year. Our all-in-one solutions will meet all the needs for VoIP Providers out there. Our worldwide A class termination service and the most reliable products from the leading companies, we are able to provide you the ultimate solutions for VoIP.

No matter where your company located in this whole wide world, we can provide solutions with no match quality. Our reliable, uninterrupted termination service with the help of worldwide distribution of gateways and applications, we will make sure your company stays in competition.

Our owned and partenered gateways are located in the most leading countries for call termination. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Egypt, Africa are some of the countries. Experienced engineers are working behind the scene 24/7 for efficient service.

Are you a start-up VOIP provider ? Do you want to get into this emerging VOIP market? Do you feel like how you will do it ? Are you feeling pressured that, big communications companies are not interconnecting with you because you are a start-up ? You don't have anything to do the commitment yet, but they don't care. They want you to send traffic right away and require volume. We have been there and felt it as well. But we have opened our door unlike them and welcome all the brand new companies to get into this market.

If your company needs either switch, billing software or simply 50,000 minutes termination per month, you are guaranteed to receive the no match service. Just email us with your inquiries or comments and you will receive a response shortly.